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TraCES: From Translation to Creation: Changes in Ethiopic Style and Lexicon from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages

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Foto: (2014) Encyclopaedia Aethiopica
Ethio-Eritrean Christian Highlands

The Christian Ethio-Eritrean highlands have long attracted scholars of Semitic Studies, Christian Orient and the Bible for a number of reasons. A peripheral area of Christianity since Late Antiquity, this land has preserved a written culture spanning three millennia that provides an ideal case study for the understanding of the early missionary processes and formation of a Christian Oriental mentality. 

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The main scope of the TraCES project is a new approach to the study of a written heritage: a literary history in its connection to language history as well as material transmission history. 

Beginning in March 2014, the international team has been working on the various aspects of research towards a new interactive environment for the study of the Ethiopic language and literature.

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Ura Qirqos, Gadla Samaetat
Foto: Ethio-SPaRe
Ethiopian Textual Heritage

With the printing introduced very late, Ethiopia has been a manuscript culture par excellence. The Aksumite Church subsumed the written Greek heritage of the Church of Alexandria of Egypt and gave birth to a tradition that, in the course of time, has grown to one of the main Christian Oriental literatures, rich in hagiographical, theological, hermeneutical, liturgical, poetic texts, but also historical chronicles, narratives and treatises. 

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Ura Qirqos, Golden Gospel
Foto: Ethio-SPaRe

Ge‘ez, a Semitic language of the South Semitic language branch, has remained the by far most important vehicle of written knowledge throughout Ethiopian history until the nineteenth century. The chronologically and geographically diversified analysis of ways of expression in this language will open new possibilities as to the interpretation of the Ethiopian textual heritage – and may serve as a model case for other written traditions.

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Araro, Golden Gospel
Foto: Ethio-SPaRe
Digital corpus

The project shall produce a significant annotated digital corpus that will be analyzable on many levels (linguistic, philological, geographical-historical). Preference shall be given to texts where parallels in the source language (Greek and Arabic) have been established.

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Summer School in Ethiopian and Eritrean Manuscript Studies

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ANNIS Tutorial

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IT/DH position in TraCES

The TraCES project looks for an IT / Digital Humanities specialist with a...

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